The Wedding Information Form

Thanks for your help!

We're sorry to have to give you homework, but this is the easiest way to get the information we need to do a great job for you! We know that every wedding is different, and this form might not fit your day exactly, but please fill out the information to the best of your ability. Travel times don't need to be precise, but it is helpful to have a rough estimate. If necessary, we will give you a call a day or two before the wedding to talk it over, tie up any loose ends and finalize the plans. If you don't hear from us, you can assume all is well!

Basic Information


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Your Current Mailing Address

This is where we will send your disk, proofbook, prints, albums, etc.

Wedding Date

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Wedding Colors

Number of Expected Guests

Bride's Phone Number

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Who should we call to go over this timeline and finalize plans?

Are you seeing each other and doing creative/family photos before the ceremony?

Girls Start Location

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Photography Start Time

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Travel Time from Girls Location


Cermony Location

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Girls Arrival Time

Travel Time from Guys Location


Guys Arrival Time

Ceremony Music Time

Ceremony Start Time

Ceremony Length


Are you releasing rows or having a receiving line immediately following the ceremony?

Please keep in mind that this will take 30 - 60 minutes.

Family Photos

About Family Photos

To keep the family photos as streamlined as possible, on Wedding Day we try and only work from this list. We suggest you discuss this with your families beforehand to determine if there are any photos they'd like done. There are no limits to the groups except time, with each group taking 3-5 minutes. Also, be sure to let everyone know to stay after the ceremony!

Standard Groups

Below are the standard family group photos that we would take, if we didn't get any input from you. This standard set usually takes 30-45 minutes to complete, depending on the number of people in each family, the ease of arranging the groups, etc.

Of course every family is different, and these groupings may or may not apply to you. And of course, none of these photos are mandatory! Please feel free to modify or delete any of the groups.

Adding Groups

Please feel free to add any additional group photos to the list. We will announce the groups as listed here, so please be descriptive if you think it will help!


About Names

Names help us work through the groups more quickly, and prevents from having to yell 'Hey You!' Please provide the names of your family and friends.

Bride's Family

Please list the Bride's family members.

Bride's Grandparents' Names

Bride's Mom's Name

Bride's Dad's Name

Bride's Siblings' Names

Groom's Family

Please list the Groom's family members.

Groom's Grandparents' Names

Groom's Mom's Name

Groom's Dad's Name

Groom's Siblings' Names

Step Parents, Special Circumstances, etc

Please list any step parents or other special circumstances we should know about.

Bridal Party

Please list your friends, maid of honor and best man first.



Creative Photo Locations

About Creative Photo Locations

Please provide us with any locations you'd like to use for your creative photos (Bride & Groom portraits, Bridal Party portraits, etc). Only one location is required. Usually, due to time constraints, it is only possible to do two locations. Of course, in our opinion, the more variety the better, so if you'd like to work in a third location, just let us know! If you need help with ideas, please just give us a call!

Location #1


Travel Time from Ceremony Location


Location #2


Travel Time from Previous Location


About Creative Photos

You don't need to choose or list sepecific shots for the creative time, Heather and I prefer to pull from our repetoire on a case-by-case basis. That said, please feel free to add any ideas, must-have shots, etc to the information and photo request sections below.

Reception Location

Location Name


Travel Time from Creative Photo Location


Are you having a cocktail hour?

Cocktail Hour Start Time

Cocktail Hour End Time

What time would you like to arrive at the reception?

Reception Introduction Time

Reception Itinerary

Exact Reception itineraries are usually unecessary, as they are relatively predicatble and we always get this information from the DJ/Band Leader/Coordinator upon arrival. That said, we are always happy to see them, if you would like to provide one by email!

First Dance Song and Artist

Photography End Time

Special Photo Requests

Please add any special photo requests.

Additional Information

Please add any additional information, thoughts, ideas, comments or anything else you think we should know!


Knowing your vendors allows us to work behind the scenes to make the day run more smoothly. Please list any relevant vendors, ignoring what doesn't apply to you.

Planner/Day of Coordinator